Parsons Plateau

After a multi-year absence Parsons Plateau returns to spread its own particular brand of joy to a minuscule, unfashionable and very quiet corner of the interweb.

This site has now existed, in one form or another, for the last 23 years and in that time the web has grown and matured beyond all comprehension. Parsons Plateau has matured in a contrary direction.

There are all manner of sites and utilities which have superseded the old fashioned homepage, so what, I hear you ask, can Parsons Plateau offer in 2021 that Twitter, Facebook et al can't?

The answer is an unequivocal nothing. Essentially I intend to run the plateau as if the last 23 years never happened. I'll also continue to irregularly post on Twitter and visit Facebook once in a blue moon to make unhelpful comments.

Here though is where I will make my stand, venting more expansively than 140 characters allows on a variety of arbitrary topics, making little or no impact in the process, like a golf ball sized meteor splashing down in the Pacific. I hope you enjoy what follows.

Parsons, proprietor